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  • Camille Kauer, The E-Spot Podcast

Steal Away's Stephen Blake Shares His Personal Story & Hustle Mentality

Realm Pictures International had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming epic motion picture, Steal Away, on The E-Spot Podcast with Camille Kauer on #FilmmakerFriday. Our producer, Stephen Ashley Blake, shares electrifying industry insights, details on the birth of this spectacularly diverse blockbuster film, and our pledge to financially endow HBCU's with shared box office revenues from the #StealAwayMovie theatrical release. In this clip from the interview, Stephen shares more about his personal life, background, and hurdles he overcame to become the successful producer he is today. He shares an intimate memory of how his beloved mother cheered him on and gives inspiration to those striving to achieve their dreams.

Learn how to become a part of this remarkable movie experience by visiting our website:


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