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Realm Pictures Aims to Disrupt Hollywood's Elitist Business Model

Company launches $34.7M investment and sponsorship raise while committing box-office revenues to America's HBCUs

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The power brokers of Hollywood have long been the omnipotent gatekeepers to the entertainment industry. According to Realm Pictures International, it's time to shatter that stranglehold and open the industry to outstanding undiscovered talent, particularly women and artists of color. Realm has launched a revolutionary production model that will break brilliant young technical, literary, and performing artists emerging from America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities into the $2.3 trillion global media industry.

Based on Andrew Ward’s epic Dark Midnight When I Rise, Steal Away is the legendary true story of Ella Sheppard and the Fisk Jubilee Singers, a warrior choir of young former slaves fighting the KKK’s reign of terror against their schools, not with bullets or bombs but electrifying songs of faith and freedom. One of the most breathtaking sagas ever known, Steal Away is a timeless story poised to become a beloved classic.

Based on Andrew Ward's critically acclaimed post-Civil-War epic "Dark Midnight When I Rise", Realm's flagship movie Steal Away is about The Fisk Jubilee Singers and their quest to save the fledgling HBCUs from supremacist destruction. "Steal Away is Gone with the Wind from the African-American perspective," says Blake, "and will feature a diverse international cast, the strongest Black female lead in motion picture history, and a soundtrack by multi-Grammy winning composer Billy Childs."

"Realm believes that outstanding artists unable to procure a Hollywood agent should have the same opportunities as A-list artists," says Stephen Ashley Blake, Realm's founder and CEO. "Our production model disrupts Hollywood's elitist practices by leveling the playing field." The casting call for Steal Away immediately drew over 12,000 submissions for just 12 out of the movie's 65 roles. Realm is currently holding auditions with both A-list artists and lesser known but outstanding actors.

Realm's commitments extend to philanthropy. Blake asserts that the nation's HBCUs are teeming with some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, and pledges to join the HBCUs' crusade to build meaningful futures for hundreds of thousands of gifted students by financially endowing the HBCUs with 10% of Steal Away's net profits from the movie's theatrical release, a revenue-sharing structure that could deliver up to $75 million to support emerging talent.

Now, Realm has launched a campaign to raise Steal Away's $34.7 million production budget both via investment financing and corporate sponsorships. To achieve this, the for-profit company has partnered with 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. According to forecasts by Nash Information Services, median gross revenues for Steal Away are projected to potentially reach $712 million across global theatrical, streaming, home video, television, and ancillary distribution platforms. Equity Investors are projected to receive a potential median ROI of 245%, with a potential high of 917%.

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Realm is creating spectacularly diverse blockbuster entertainment while breaking brilliant undiscovered talent and financially endowing the nation's HBCUs. Learn more at

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