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Director of Photography

We invite you to submit your work for consideration as Director of Photography for our theatrical feature Steal Away.

Based on Andrew Ward’s post-Civil War epic “Dark Midnight When I Rise,” Steal Away is the true story of the legendary Fisk Jubilee Singers, a sensational HBCU choir fighting the Ku Klux Klan’s reign of terror against their schools not with bullets or bombs, but electrifying songs of faith and freedom. Steal Away follows the choir’s titanic rise from the darkness of slavery to the glittering ballrooms and throne rooms of Europe as they conquer the world… and must then conquer their own demons.
The cinematography for Steal Away will be epic, elaborate, and highly stylized.  To be considered, you must be a seasoned DP that has photographed features, dramatic television, or commercials.   (We are not considering music video, documentary, reality, sitcom, industrial, news, or student work.)  Your reel must show strong, stylized lighting in interior and/or night exterior scenes; reels that include only day exteriors will not be considered.


You may reside in any country.  Current union status is not a factor.


Steal Away is at the last stages of financing.  Principal photography is scheduled to commence in March 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), with additional locations in Europe. To submit your work, please complete the form below:

Audition Submission
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Please direct any questions to the producers at

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