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Casting Call  

Steal Away's 65 speaking roles include towering characters with sweeping dramatic arcs. Each role will be cast with the artist that most vividly brings that character to unforgettable life.  If that's you, please audition

Cast of Characters

Click here for the cast of characters.  Additional roles will be progressively announced.

To Audition


  • From the character list, download the sides for the role(s) you’ll be auditioning for.  (Feel free to audition for more than one role.)


  • Speak into the camera, giving your name, location, representative’s info (if you’re represented), height, age (this is voluntary), and the character you’re auditioning for.


  • If your character has multiple sides, record each scene separately.

  • Important Director’s Notes:

  • Please take the time to memorize your lines so that you deliver them with ease, freedom, and conviction.​

  • Don’t look at the camera, as this usually comes across as unnatural.  If your character is talking to someone, make us believe you’re really talking to someone.

  • Don’t pre-record and play back other characters’ lines, as this will probably drain your reading of freshness and spontaneity.​

  • In fact, if possible, if you have dialogue with another character, have somebody physically in the room with you (or on Zoom) reading the other character's lines in real time with you.

  • Don’t worry about the background for your audition. We will be focused 100% on your reading, so a white wall or plain sheet behind you is preferable.​​


  • And above all: Please, please, please take chances.  Don’t play it safe.  Go for broke.  Surprise us. We are not looking for predictable characters, so don’t try to “give us what you think we want.” Create an original, never-before-seen character full of nuances and quirks that we’ve never met. In short, you introduce us to the character you’re reading for.  We beg you to go too far in imagining a character rather than play it safe.  And if you’re afraid of going too far and want to submit more than one reading as well, please do; we’ll watch them all.


  • The subject line of the email should simply be: “[Your Character] Audition”.  (Example: ELLA AUDITION.)

  • In the email, include your name, email address(es), and phone number(s), or your representative’s contact info.

  • Include links to your audition videos (please do not attach videos).  Acceptable formats.​

YouTube links

Google Drive links

WeTransfer (please use WeTransfer’s “transfer link” feature)

Vimeo link (share the password, if applicable)

  • Include a completed Parental Consent Form if you’re under 18


(If you’re under 18, your parent or guardian must submit a Parental Consent Form with your audition.)

You or your representative can email your self-tape directly to

We look forward to seeing your work!

Email us to report any issues you experience with the website.

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